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Let Shoulder Pain Toss Out

Updated: Jun 13

abtp offers best physiotherapy solutions for shoulder pain

Let’s navigate through Shoulder Pain With Most Effective Physiotherapy Solutions available at ABTP

One common shoulder injury is a SLAP tear, short for "Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior." This type of injury involves a tear in the labrum - the cartilage surrounding the shoulder socket.

When is this condition seen?

Slap tear can be a result of overuse injury to the shoulder in overhead athletes or traumatic falls in older patients and can result in deep shoulder pain which can lead to  loss of joint control and weakness of scapular muscles thereby causing “winging of scapula.” Professionals term this condition Shoulder Dyskinesia. Slap tears can be managed with surgery or without surgery depending on the grade of tear, but rehabilitation is necessary and helps in regaining the control of the shoulder joint's movements. At ABTP, experts introduce patients to special rehabilitation techniques that help stabilize and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint.

Post Slap tear ,Scapular dyskinesis is commonly observed. In Shoulder Dyskinesia, the scapula's position and motion are altered, leading to shoulder pain. Scapular winging not only causes pain but also restricts the anterior and interior rotation of the joint. To navigate this obstacle, ABTP experts first assess the surrounding structures of the shoulder joint and then prescribe a comprehensive care plan for the patient.

The Way, the Journey of Relief for Shoulder Pain looks like at ABTP

Our shoulder joint serves as a support system that allows us to navigate life's challenges smoothly. When facing any sort of challenge, our shoulders effectively help us overcome obstacles. The shoulder joint is highly useful and enables individuals to accomplish day-to-day tasks. When this joint gets affected a specialized approach is required to resolve the matter.

Navigating a painful path is never easy, but the experts at ABTP use specialized techniques to address the issue and guide individuals towards the path of recovery. To help individuals regain a full range of motion and strength various methods are employed. These include manual releases (Myofascial Releases), cupping, dry needling, and highly professional exercise techniques. The experts at ABTP craft a specific care plan tailored to each individual's requirements and needs.

best physiotherapy services are provided by abtp

Recovery Solutions for Shoulder Pain

SLAP tear surgery can be a turning point towards regaining shoulder function and returning to an active lifestyle. Understanding the recovery process, adhering to your rehabilitation program, and maintaining a positive outlook are key to a successful recovery.


Post surgery, winging is commonly seen due to weakness in trapezius and serratus anterior. Scapular winging often occurs when the shoulder blade protrudes outward due to imbalance in these muscles. Strengthening this muscle helps prevent and correct scapular winging, thereby reducing shoulder pain and improving function.

If the shoulder joint were not mobile enough to embrace your dear ones, you would certainly experience a restricted life. To combat this issue, commonly seen in shoulder winging or Shoulder Dyskinesia, the experts at ABTP operate on a progressive plan. Firstly, they focus on inducing mobility in the shoulder joint, achieved by opening the chest and stretching the pectoral muscles. This exercise helps reduce tightness around the shoulders.

Main focus is laid upon achieving the full range of motion through active exercises. As a part of a holistic care approach, strengthening the serratus anterior muscles is also considered. This muscle plays a crucial role in shoulder mechanics and overall upper body function. Regularly performing exercises to strengthen the serratus anterior under the guidance of ABTP experts boosts scapular stability and improves shoulder movement, significantly aiding the recovery journey.

When an individual steps in at ABTP, a 360-degree care plan is ensured so that the patient leaves with reduced pain and can enjoy a more comfortable life. With increased scapular mobility and improved shoulder strength, individuals are empowered to adapt to changing circumstances.


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