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Delivering high quality rehabilitation services

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What we do

ABTP is an advanced  physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre installed with state of the art devices from around the world, that solely depend on data driven analysis to deliver accurate and precise results.

Choose ABTP for all your Rehabilitation and High-Performance Training Needs
Success Stories of ABTP

I had a great experience with ABTP and according to me it's the best physiotherapy centre I have visited.  I liked it's positive environment and friendly staff.  I was suffering from leg pain from past 1year but after taking sessions here I am feeling much better now.

- Gagan Singh

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Foster Pain Relief

We specialise in using non-invasive, drug-free methods for pain management. Be it a sports injury or pains arising from overuse, our therapists have a solution for it all. Using advanced technology and techniques such as manual trigger point releases, the tension in your muscles, loss in the range of motion can be treated.

Train & Recover faster

With biofeedback based devices and a data-driven approach towards treatment, training, and recovery becomes a fast-paced experience.

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Hassle Free Assessments

Schedule full-body biomechanical assessments where our experts analyze every small parameter of the body be it specific to a condition, sport, or a general physical check-up. ABTP's Assessments enable progress tracking and help maintain a track record of your progress.

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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation at ABTP is an amalgamation of global best practices, tailored to an individual’s need. The rehabilitation program focuses on aspects ranging from mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

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Physiotherapy at home

Avail the benefits of our at-home physiotherapy services through our website or on the official ABTP physiotherapy mobile App. Booking session has never been simpler.


Therapists who care

ABTP's team of highly experienced and motivated health care professionals are just a click away from tending to every ailment, foster pain relief or support in your high-performance journey. They strongly believe in nothing but excellence

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