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Orthopedic Rehabilitation:

Restoring Activity, Strength & Motion

That’s where ABTP comes in.

At ABTP we offer advanced solutions to your orthopaedic ailments and cater to the entire spectrum of care from prevention to rehabilitation. Orthopaedic ailments affect people of all ages and most of the cases require immediate medical attention.

Our Specializations

At ABTP, we specialize in personalized orthopaedic treatments, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to address a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. From sports injuries to joint pain, our dedicated team is committed to restoring your mobility and enhancing your quality of life.


At ABTP, we specialize in arthritis pain relief and joint care, offering targeted physical therapy to enhance mobility and reduce discomfort. Our treatments are designed to improve daily function and overall well-being, making us a leader in effective arthritis management solutions.

Carpal tunnel syndrome 

We offers specialized treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, focusing on relieving wrist pain and restoring hand function through advanced physiotherapy techniques. Our expert therapists provide personalized care plans aimed at reducing symptoms and improving hand strength and dexterity.


ABTP specializes in personalized management plans for osteoporosis, focusing on strengthening bones and reducing fracture risk through targeted physiotherapy exercises and lifestyle modifications.

ABTP Ortho


ABTP offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs for fractures, focusing on pain management, mobility restoration, and functional recovery. Our expert therapists provide personalized treatment plans to accelerate healing and optimize long-term outcomes for individuals recovering from fractures.

Hip replacement

ABTP specializes in rehabilitation programs for hip replacement surgery, focusing on pain relief, mobility improvement, and functional restoration. Our expert therapists provide personalized treatment plans to help individuals regain strength and flexibility in the hip joint, facilitating a smooth recovery process.

ACL tears

ABTP offers specialized rehabilitation programs for ACL tears, focusing on strengthening the knee, improving stability, and restoring function. Our expert therapists provide personalized treatment plans to help individuals recover from ACL injuries and return to their daily activities and sports with confidence.

Why Choose Us?


Expert Team

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained and specialized, providing top-tier expertise in physiotherapy to ensure the best care for each patient.


Personalized Care

We offer tailored treatment plans designed to meet the unique needs of each patient, enhancing recovery and ensuring long-term health benefits.


Advanced Techniques

We utilize the latest research-backed methods and state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate your recovery and improve outcomes.


Comprehensive Support

From your first appointment through every step of your recovery, our dedicated support team is here to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring a smooth and effective rehabilitation process.

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