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The objective of the ABTP is to help bring the best of ‘Sports Science and Technology’ to India and make ‘Global Best Practices’ accessible to every Indian athlete and non-athletes, so that they may grow under the technology and leverage its capabilities to develop holistically. With the help of cutting-edge technology, science, analytics and Sports medicine, the athletes are more receptive to training and are less likely to get injured. Our 10 centres across India cater to over 15,000 athletes and help them stay in optimum shape through the following four-step process - Sport Specific Assessment, Consultation and Training Recommendations, Reassessment and Evaluation and Injury Management.

Put a halt on your knee pain, sciatica pain or lower back pain!!!

We at ABTP are thrilled to give you advanced physiotherapy services.
We help clients recover from injuries & lead a pain free life. The team of highly trained physiotherapists give you personalised training programs  tailored to your specific needs.
Remember! The services are accessible for both athletes & non athletes.

Physiotherapy Powered by Technology for pain free living!

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