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Nearly 80% of the population experiences lower back pain issues starting from their 20’s!



When it comes to treating low back pain, physical therapy is a great option to reduce discomfort, improve function, and prevent future recurrences.

Fixing The Core is the Cure

If you are seeking a permanent cure for lower back pain so you’ll find the best therapies at ABTP! Here the Passive Therapies include deep tissue releases and Care Therapy. These ease pain, muscle tension and reduce inflammation for instant relief. These treatments prepare the body for active therapy.

Get Back to an Active Lifestyle Active Therapy at ABTP includes stretching, strengthening weak muscles, and some of the best core and back strengthening exercises.

GIFS / VIDEOS of Exercises.

Our Targets Stretching exercises → These improve flexibility and range of motion in the lower back, hips, legs, and abdomen

Activation exercises → Exercise helps to reawakening underused muscles and relaxing overused muscles.

Strengthening exercises → They increase back stability and reduce stress on the spine Core strengthening exercises → Targeting the surrounding muscles around the spine and lower back, reducing the risk of future back pain.


WE KNOW YOUR PAIN (Backlinking with AFL) Get Customized Treatment Plan based on your needs through biomechanical assessments. With the use of AFL’s advanced technology and innovation, knowledgeable physiotherapists determine the factors contributing to your back pain. > stability > gait > posture

SPORTS & LOWER BACK PAIN Sports and physical activity are great for staying healthy, but they can also increase your risk of lower back pain. Athletes who participate in sports that involve repetitive bending, twisting, or impact can put extra muscle strain on their lower back, leading to pain and discomfort. The high-intensity sports like football, running, badminton, or lawn tennis can often cause low back pain. Sports like golf, in which repetitive twisting is often involved, can also be participative.

A Q-Tip for all Athletes! Stretching before and after physical activity can help prevent muscle strains and reduce the risk of injury.

“We Put Best For Your Recovery!” The one-of-a-kind technology and machinery of AFL at ABTP, help us create a customized training program that is unique to you, helping eliminate back pain for good.

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