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Get Moving After an Orthopedic Surgery with Physiotherapy

recovery after orthopedic surgery
Recovery goals after surgery

While conservative treatments are typically preferred, some conditions require orthopedic surgery. These include fractures, severe arthritis, torn ligaments, spinal issues (herniated discs and stenosis). The decision for an orthopedic surgery can become a crucial one and is dependent on many factors. The severity of the condition is one of the factors which is kept in mind before recommending surgery. 

In this blog let’s discover, How can Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Help?


Orthopedic Surgery & The Path to Pain Free Movement

The surgery can make the area stiff and this limits movement. When a patient has undergone an orthopedic surgery, it is recommended to opt for regular physiotherapy as targeted exercises will help you regain mobility. Further, this will permit the individual to secure his or her comeback into a normal life.

Pain Management Post an Orthopedic Surgery

Various physiotherapy techniques such as joint mobilizations, deep tissue mobilization and range of motion exercises help in managing pain. Such techniques can help to ease pain, reduce stiffness , improve range of motion, relax tight muscles and improve blood flow. 

Avoid Any Complications Post Orthopedic Surgery

Post an orthopedic surgery, physiotherapy is usually recommended to help the patient regain activities of daily life so that he can get back to his normal lifestyle. Different therapeutic techniques, exercises act as a tool   which help to prevent joint stiffness, maintain range of motion. ABTP Experts design physiotherapy programs that meet individual needs and requirements in order to promote a healthy living.

Stronger Come-backs post an Orthopedic Surgery

Surgery often weakens the muscles and tissues around the operated area. Inactivity can lead to muscle atrophy and also reduce muscle strength. But the ABTP Experts specifically target the weak muscles in order to help the patient rebuild and regain strength. Specific techniques are put into use like strength, resistance, balance and proprioception training leading to better muscle control and stability.

best physiotherapy after knee surgery

An Orthopedic surgery won’t sideline you for long!! Post-Surgery Rehabilitation programs offered by ABTP help you regain strength, flexibility and pain-free movement. If you are recovering from a recent orthopedic surgery, then don’t forget to make a visit at the ABTP Center near you!!

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