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Explore the Best Stretches For Back Pain Relief

Updated: Mar 6

Best Stretches For Back Pain Relief

Add These Ortho Essentials From ABTP & Get Relief For Back Pain

Once at ABTP, individuals can discover advanced biomechanics assessment protocols for treating back pain. From making accurate diagnoses to achieving optimal movement, physiotherapists at ABTP focus on tailoring personalized programs to suit individual needs. With an increase in back pain cases, this blog post delves into developing stronger muscles and relieving back pain episodes to reclaim freedom of motion and prevent the risk of injury.

Optimal Stretching is the Key to Managing Back Pain Whether at a gym or at home, the best part about stretching is its simplicity - it can be done without the use of any sort of fancy equipment. The hands-on approach followed by the physiotherapists at ABTP, reduces the muscle tension decreasing the symptoms of pain for the muscles supporting the backbone and spine. The developed muscle flexibility primarily contributes towards creating better muscle symmetry. This primarily addresses our postural asymmetries and helps the individual rejoice in life completely, overcoming all the physical discomforts.

Let’s peep into some hacks on creating ideal health of back

1. The Knee to Chest Stretch

Knee to Chest Stretch

This stretch alleviates muscle tension and is a simple yet effective treatment option and improves the flexibility in assisting regions of the back, and hip flexor muscles aiding in pain relief. With increased flexibility, this stretch is commonly adapted to strengthen the back.

2. Figure of Four

Figure of Four

Under ABTP’s expert supervision, this exercise promotes trunk stability and boosts hip and glute muscle flexibility. This releases stiffness and relieves radiating pain specifically in the case of Sciatica which is an added advantage. Furthermore, this stretch is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic lower back pain.

3. Child Pose Stretch

Child Pose Stretch

This exercise is extremely beneficial as it stretches the entire spine from the head to hip.  usually suggested to the individuals reporting repeated episodes of back pain and poor posture. While an individual is performing this exercise, the neck, thorax, lumbar, and hip muscles are relaxed which boosts the blood circulation relieving the persisting stiffness and pain.

 4. Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretch

Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretch

This one stretch is most commonly adapted for the geriatrics, desk-job professionals who have limited mobility. The seated exercise provides the individuals with maximum benefits without challenging their comfort. While performing this exercise, the lumbar and thoracic muscles are worked upon. In daily lives, the rotational movements remain limited and the muscles responsible for lumbar rotation get stiff leading to decreased rotational mobility in the spine and prevents occurrence of injury too.

The Back Pain Solutions - What Happens at ABTP?

Most of the time , after manual and advanced assessments to understand the root cause of the problem, the experts carry forward guided training regime and once the mobility and flexibility is attained ,the progress is tracked through one of the best assessment protocols available in the nation. This further reduces the chances of injuries as well as boosts muscle health.


It is advised to perform at least 3 – 5 reps of each exercise with 90 seconds hold. With the best exercises on the chart, you can enjoy the freedom to move independently and rejoice in a pain free life. But it is important to consult our Expert before starting any kind of stretching or exercise routine as it may worsen the condition. This is crucial, as not all exercises and techniques are appropriate for everyone.

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