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Gone are the days when traditional set of physiotherapy practices used to take the charge of guiding recovery post an injury. These day, the Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance has come up with first-of-its-kind physiotherapy techniques that encourage recovery. After an individual steps in at ABTP, the process of recovery after surgery becomes seamless.

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The Biomechanical Aspects of Post - Injury Recovery

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For the fist time in India, ABTP launched advanced technological interventions to assess the biomechanics of body which are primarily affected post an injury. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and electrical modalities, the process of recovery becomes a guided one and the journey to healing gets accelerated. Through monitored results, an individual is able to understand the deficit points and is able to regain strength ensuring long-term health benefits.

Recovery Gets Assisted by Advanced Technological Interventions

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An array of sophisticated technologies are adopted at ABTP to address post-injury or post-surgery needs. The physiotherapy program is then tailored to enhance the natural healing process of the body. From laser therapy and Care therapy to biofeedback and neuromuscular electrical stimulation, these advanced modalities offer a faster and more efficient recovery process. The affected area gets targeted and this approach further helps in reducing the time of recovery.

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Minimize the Chances of Getting Re-Injured

Statistics state that most of the times individuals get injured either at work or during play on the field. The Experts rule out the weaker areas of the body through advanced assessments and the evidence based injury prevention strategies primarily help the individuals to strengthen the affected areas and enhance their endurance levels. This then, reduces the chances of getting re-injured. Gait training boosts the balancing abilities of an individual and regular training sessions aid enhanced range of motion.

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Well Guided Recovery with Pain Management

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Techniques such as pain neuroscience education and cognitive-behavioral therapy have shown improvements in pain outcomes dramatically. The approach has catered all-round pain management needs in the individuals. At ABTP, the psychological demands of the pain are carefully addressed. This allows the individuals to have long-term benefits of the pain management and guides the path of post injury recovery in the best way possible. \

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