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At ABTP, Today's Pain Gets Transformed into Tomorrow's Strength through Effective Pain Management Solutions.

Updated: Apr 27

ABTP Pain Mangment Solution

The challenge is real when morning pain disrupts your day and turns every moment into a struggle. When you choose ABTP - The Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance, your worries come to an end. We offer comprehensive solutions ranging from orthopedics to pediatrics, sports performance enhancement, to neurological problem resolutions, addressing issues related to the spine and brain strokes with the most optimized care, including effective pain management strategies.

Physiotherapy Enhancing Orthopedic Care

Whether it's a neck spasm or back pain, these are common issues frequently reported by patients and athletes at ABTP. The experts employ diverse manual therapy techniques to address pain and swelling. In post fracture stiffness by leveraging mobilization techniques, gain in range of motion is enabled. In the latter scenarios, by implementing flexibility, mobility and strengthening protocols, an individual can experience improved quality of life.

Physiotherapy for Sports Performance Enhancement

Athletes at ABTP frequently experience injuries such as rotator cuff, tennis elbow, Hams pull, ACL Tear and shin pain.. We provide athletes with weekly protocols tailored to their needs, guiding them towards faster recovery through our advanced training programs. Also, we incorporate balance and proprioception training to enhance athletic performance. Here, the approach focuses on improving strength and conditioning of the muscles, and aiding athletes to return to sport.

Physiotherapy Care for Neurological Issues

Usually, through road traffic accidents, there are various injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. With advanced technological interventions available at the ABTP centers across the country, neuroplasticity is carried forward. This retrains the nerves and helps them to regain the lost functionality. Motor Training Programs, PNF and muscle stimulation are significantly followed to deal with the neurological cases. Furthermore, techniques like NMES, Balance & Coordination especially in conditions like Parkinson’s and Stroke amongst others are carried forward at the highly advanced physiotherapy center - ABTP. 

Physiotherapy for Pediatric Concerns 

In cases of delayed birth cry after delivery, the risk of Cerebral Palsy and subsequent developmental delay increases. Sometimes brain injuries occur due to head trauma, and can lead to severe neurological impairments. To address these conditions, pediatric physiotherapists at ABTP specialize in neurodevelopmental therapy, bobath therapy, ECT aimed at achieving milestones on time and preventing deformities in order to  promote healthy development of the child.

Therefore, at ABTP, advanced physiotherapy sessions offer several benefits. By leveraging targeted exercise protocols, range of motion is boosted and discomfort is alleviated. Motor training programs target functional recovery and retrain muscles to achieve optimal recovery goals. Once you're associated with ABTP, you can look forward to welcoming pain-free living and bidding painful days a permanent goodbye.

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