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Strength Training for Performance Enhancement

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Gone are the days when body training was limited to dumbbells. These days body training takes into consideration various parameters that lead to overall enhancement of the muscles. The latter play a vital role in allowing individual perform a range of activities that help you move, breathe and play better. Especially when it comes to voluntary movements, like picking up weights, climbing the staircase or jogging in the morning, the strength of your muscles primarily decide how well you will be able to perform such activities.

Muscles not only promote your movements but also become pivotal in providing you the power you need to survive and perform even the basic tasks. Before proceeding ahead with what cutting-edge technology available at ABTP centres can offer the individuals, it becomes necessary to understand the role of muscle strength in our daily lives.

We might have devalued this parameter but it is something that helps us sail through every day. So let’s dive in the most necessary benefits of having optimum muscle power.

OMG!! Strength Training has a long list of benefits

Although there are numerous benefits of muscle training, we have highlighted a few key ones that contribute to improving performance. While many people may already be familiar with muscle training, we have selected some essential advantages that support the achievement of performance goals. Take a look at what Muscle Training Offers:

1. Energy Booster: We know a healthy body nourishes a healthy mindset. With improved muscle strength, the endurance of the body also gets a refined push. This allows better blood circulation and builds better muscle coordination. Some individuals might find strength training intimidating but this is something which helps you the most to get up when you have fallen down.

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2. Secures Bone Health: These days osteoarthritis is seeing an increase especially in women. As per research it has been observed that post the age of 30, we start losing 3-5% of lean muscle mass due to a prominent factor called ageing. Muscles are the structures that support bones so, its better to opt for Resistance & Impact Training to improve functional performance, with which the bone density also gains a positive impact.

3. Better Body Mechanics: Now, body mechanics is a term known to a few but offers great help in daily lives. It is primarily used to describe the way we move i.e how we hold, grip, stand or lift. This plays a big role in injury prevention and helps to maintain an optimum posture. Proper body mechanics ensure that the muscles get efficiently used. Long story short, trained muscles will help in maintaining the body balance , prevent injuries as well as guarantee an optimal performance levels. Whether you are an athlete or non-athlete, trained muscles will surely promise better body mechanics.

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4. Some Flexible Moves Out There: Muscle training maximizes the gain of strength and power. It boosts the endurance levels and decreases the risk of injury and falls. Not only this, but it also promotes the range of motion for performing tasks, hence, improving the flexibility. It is often perceived that strength training makes you stiff but a comprehensive training plan can actually improve the muscle strength and boost the flexibility levels as well.  

The Cutting Edge Solutions You Get at ABTP for Strength Training

There are multiple devices that have been installed at the ABTP centers but we’ll not delve into the details of the way these help an individual. In this blog we will focus upon the way in which various strength training techniques aim at enhancing the function of various muscle groups, with an overall impact on physical health.

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The centers are backed up by advanced sports science solutions focus upon overall strength development. Starting from strengthening the shoulders which is necessary for adding to the upper body stability, strength training also focuses on preventing the injuries. Exercises like overhead presses, lateral raises enhance the strength and flexibility of the shoulder girdle, which supports activities involving arm movement, boosting the joint’s stability.

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Strength Training at ABTP also includes exercises that target various muscle groups of upper, middle and lower back. With this the back muscles get well trained to support the spine which further reduces risk of injuries, back pain and enhances performance levels.

Strength Training becomes the foundation of promoting stability to the body. Elaborating further, the devices installed at the center cater to one of the best resistance training techniques that build the overall muscle strength. The endurance levels of the body get promoted, boosting the performance of an athlete or non-athlete.

Have a look at how Hima Das – India’s No.1 Sprinter Makes herself Performance Ready at one of the ABTP Centers.

With specialized devices triggering various muscle groups, an athlete or a non- athlete is able to strengthen the pelvic muscles that supports lower back as well as the core. To add to the performance goals, it gets necessary to have a strong core and stable pelvic muscles. This all is promoted by strength training on various advanced sports science solutions available at ABTP.  Afterall, a strong core remains the base for improving balance, posture and overall performance.

Until now it must have been clarified that he tech solutions available at ABTP enrich the performance goals. But we can’t limit ourselves till here.

The holistic approach adopted enhances muscle coordination and proprioception. By putting into use latest techniques, the balancing abilities and problems with the gait are resolved. Not only this, the training provided helps improving the cognitive function in older people especially who have suffered from Stroke.

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The most interesting part of the holistic training regimen received by the individuals at the centre is that it also boosts the focus and brain memory. By keeping in focus various areas balanced muscle development gets ensured, contributing to better brain health.

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