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Unlocking Potential: The Power of Pediatric Rehabilitation Services at ABTP

Updated: Mar 6

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services at ABTP

The Journey from Inabilities to Capabilities

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance (ABTP) stands out as one of the top healthcare providers in India, excelling not only in refining the potential of athletes and non-athletes but also in offering exceptional child care services through its pediatric rehabilitation services at ABTP. Our approach to child care transcends traditional physical therapy for kids; we utilize comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation to tackle challenges arising from various developmental conditions seen from birth, including cerebral palsy, ADHD, Autism, Genetic Disorders, and Muscular Dystrophy, among others.

 What is Paediatric Rehabilitation?

The topmost healthcare providers of India rule the domain of physiotherapy. Here, one can find a specialized branch of physical therapy that focuses upon enhancing the functional abilities of the children with physical, cognitive, or developmental impairments. At ABTP, the aim of the Experts is to help the kids achieve the highest possible level of functional independence and help them perform daily activities on their own.

Pediatric Rehabilitation at ABTP

One-of-a-Kind Physical Therapy Methods that Boost the Abilities of Children:

1. Development of Motor Skills: The Experts at ABTP, through unique physical therapy methods, help improve the balance, coordination and strength of the child. For instance, regular physical training / rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy may benefit from targeted exercises which focus upon developmental delays and prevention of joint deformities. The functional capabilities are boosted in this manner & the kid regains better control of their movements, overcoming developmental challenges.

2. Play Based Occupational Therapy: The experts at ABTP prefer to adopt play-based approach to enhance a child's cognitive and social skills. In the case of a child with autism, the play-based occupational therapy helps the kids to express themselves in the most convenient manner. The high functioning autism treatment at ABTP improves their hand-eye coordination and boosts problem solving skills too.

3. Usage of Assistive Technology: At ABTP, with the help of advanced technological interventions, persistent efforts are made to deal with the physical limitations of the children, dealing with Down Syndrome. Functional training invigorates the developmental processes and helps the kids to reclaim independence of performing daily activities. We at ABTP believe that such practices enhance the balance and coordination of the kid.

Marking Specifically, it has been observed that the usage of biofeedback mechanisms only available at ABTP, help in training the gait of the children who can walk independently. On the other hand, the toddlers can also gain advantage from balance training to boost their overall control. 

4. Parental Education: ABTP Experts prioritize widening of the knowledge horizons of the parents. For conscious parenting, this is one of the most helpful techniques. The parents are made aware of the normal and abnormal developmental patterns. By making the parents aware of the potential delays, they can act as supporting pillars for the kids at home. The active participation of the parents is the most eminent part of the goal-setting.

One of the diverse and most advanced approaches towards paediatric rehabilitation can be observed at ABTP. The highly significant, advanced technological interventions, tailored training programs, supportive environments and inclusive activities at ABTP, help to unlock maximum potential of the child. As we continue to invest in paediatric rehabilitation, we invest in the limitless possibilities that lie within each child, waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

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