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Explore the Ways in Which ABTP Helps You Get Your BACK in Action with Effective Back Pain Treatment

Updated: Mar 6

Get Your Back In Action

Back Pain is the most commonly addressed issue in the country, with approximately 79% of them being women. Chronic lower Back Pain can arise due to several reasons. These can include surgery, a hyper-active lifestyle, lack of activity, sitting jobs, aging, obesity or improper lifting can be a few among them.


Back Pain will no longer slow your life down because ABTP has the best answer to your back-related concerns Say hello to a pain-free life with ABTP’s To-Do List  –

The Experts at ABTP, first assess the severity of the case by performing advanced technological assessments. These provide insights into the root cause, allowing the physiotherapists to formulate personalized training programs for individuals based on their specific requirements and needs.

1st Stage – Myofascial Releases

 > Alleviates pain by focusing upon the areas of discomfort 

> Technique to Release Tension 

> Boosts Blood Flow & Range of Motion 

2nd Stage – Stretching 

> Loosens the Tight Muscles Supporting the Spine 

> Elevates the Range of Motions 

> Boosts Mobility of Upper Trunk

3rd Stage – Strength Training

 > Core muscles get stronger

 > Lumbar Stability gets Enhanced

 > Build up Stronger Back Muscles

4th Stage – Functional Training

 > Exercises Target the Back Muscles, Glutes, Core - promoting Range of Motion (ROM)

 > Stabilizes the Trunk & Improve the Pelvic Mobility

 > Boosts Abilities to Perform Everyday Tasks

 Why choose ABTP?

 For each mentioned stage, the Experts at ABTP prefer to use a unique & and modern approach. Through one-of-a-kind methods of physiotherapy, ABTP embraces the advancements in the niche of physiotherapy bringing to you unparalleled treatment options for back pain management. The holistic approach followed at ABTP ensures comprehensive care offering long-lasting results.

Your Only Stop For Restoring Back Health

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