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Ditch the Posture Errors with Physical Therapy

These days, it is true that the corporate culture is defying the normal posture. Many a times, you find your neck humping to focus better, consequently an individual tends to experience nagging ache in his neck and shoulders.

Studies reveal that, 70.5% of the individuals experience musculoskeletal discomfort, particularly in neck, lower back and shoulders due to wrong posture while working.

physical therapy for bad posture

The posture troubles might seem to be minor inconveniences to most of us but they can lead to cascade of problems. The range of effects is vast and can lead to chronic pain and headaches to permanent postural deformity. But fear not, there's a superhero in the fight against posture woes - Advanced Physiotherapy by ABTP.

Find Solutions to Posture Problems at ABTP with Physical Therapy

The ABTP Experts are biomechanical assessment specialists. They assess the postural changes and identify the underlying cause of your slouching or hunching. Thorough evaluation at ABTP helps the individual to know about the muscle imbalances and any underlying conditions that might be contributing to your posture problems. At ABTP, an individual can find personalized approach to posture correction.

physical therapy for posture problems

The team at ABTP has crafted few unique tips that can contribute to avoid poor posture. The bad postural state of an individual can worsen the alignment of spine leading to scoliosis which is found in about 5 million people in India.

You won’t require a Posture Correction Belt When You Visit ABTP!!       

1.       Postural Assessment: Through efficient and advanced assessments at ABTP, the Experts here are able to rule out the root cause of the postural issue and are able to design a targeted exercise program. This helps to strengthen the muscles responsible for good posture and also include stretching regime that is focused upon overly tight group of muscles.

benefits of physical therapy at ABTP

2. Manual Therapy: In some cases, physiotherapists may use manual therapy techniques of physical therapy like myofascial release or spinal mobilization to improve flexibility and mobility, further enhancing your posture.

3. Ergonomic Awareness: The ABTP Experts educate you on ergonomics, teaching you how to set-up your workstation and how-to perform daily activities to promote good posture. This empowers you to make long-term changes that prevent future slouching.

How an Individual Benefits From Posture Correction Techniques?

Your neck won’t hump, Back won’t Slouch!! 

The posture correction tips and techniques from the ABTP Experts help you unlock the superhero within. Physiotherapy from ABTP helps an individual regain the lost potential and gain the freedom of performing easy movements by ditching the postural deformities.

 This is how a person starts feeling the spine of steel:

1.       Pain Slashed: Good posture kicks away those nagging aches and pains, taking the pressure off your back. When with ABTP, be prepared to say goodbye to the villainous back twinge and hello to a pain-free life!

2.       Flexibility at Every Bend: Targeted stretches increase the flexibility and mobility, turning everyday tasks from struggles to triumphs. Reaching for that top shelf or tying your shoes  or working for long hours  without contorting just gets an easy-peasy task!

3.       Tension from Neck, Shoulder & Back Vanishes: Muscles around the neck and shoulders tend to get tight due to prolonged sitting hours. Physiotherapy at ABTP can help these areas loosen up and vanish that tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and pain-free.

4.       Productivity & Efficiency Booster: On one hand, poor posture can become crucial for an individual and hamper the productivity and might contribute to an increased percentage of absenteeism at work. The pains and discomforts on the other hand are carefully addressed at ABTP and the individual can work for long hours efficiently, without losing focus and concentration.

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Physical therapy is your secret weapon in the fight for a healthier, more confident you. It's a personalized plan to ditch those posture errors and stand tall with the confidence of a superhero! Only consulting a qualified physiotherapist will help you attain mastery in posture.

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