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Convert Joint Pain into Joint Care

Updated: Apr 16

Old lady experiencing knee joint pain
Joint Pains hinder the ease of performing basic daily activities
Rejoice Life with Regained Independence at ABTP

Ageing often leads to gradual loss of flexibility, muscle strength and balance. To counter the impact, ABTP offers a wide range of solutions, aiding the seniors to regain their independence. The advanced training programs incorporated usually help the individuals attain optimum fitness goals allowing them to perform the daily life activities in a much easier manner.

Have a glance at few of the Joint Care Protocols Undertaken at ABTP

Strength is Vital for Orthopedics

At ABTP, special focus is laid over the progressive approach behind the weight bearing strength training exercises. The weights of around 1 - 2 kgs are utilized to mitigate the impact of various conditions like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia. The customized training programs available at the ABTP centers have proven to be instrumental in boosting bone density scores and bone health. This further reduces the chances of getting fractures as well as other complications associated with the weakened bones.

The dedicated interventions available at the Centre have remarkably shown reduction in pain, and has allowed the individuals to overcome the limitations of being less mobile. The methodologies undertaken at ABTP have proven effects on enhanced quality of life of individuals.

Balance & Proprioception Training to Stabilize the Joint Health

At ABTP, we recognize that maintaining joint health is important in aged individuals.  Usually in conditions like Osteoarthritis, Parkinson's or for the individuals who have recently experienced episodes of stroke, balance and proprioception training plays a critical role - an aspect which goes unnoticed in rehabilitative care. The robustness of the skeletal system gets boosted promoting balance and coordination while proprioception allows the body to recall the ability of movement.

In some conditions, wherein the body balance gets highly compromised, the training protocols taken ahead at the center help to re-establish body control  promoting joint stabilization and contributing to alleviation of joint pain. The biomechanical assessments available help the individual to maintain the body equilibrium as well as the center of gravity gets enhanced which reduces the risk of future falls.

Have a look at what one of our patients have to say about the services availed from ABTP.

Manual Therapy Techniques for Joint Care

The physiotherapists at the centre imply their expertise and utilise unique manual therapy techniques with prime focus to alleviate pain which acts as a barrier to leading normal life. The hand-on mobilization techniques manipulates the soft tissue and is able to provide pain relief. This approach adopted at the ABTP Centre contributes to long term healing. These are carefully executed by the physiotherapists  and provide a comprehensive healing to maintain the range of motion. Especially in the cases of arthritis or post-injury recovery, the fluid movement between the joints gets enhanced and this caters to improved functioning of the joints.

feedback on knee joint pain from a client at ABTP

Also in severe cases of frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis the therapists may involve the use of traction which increases the joint space to reduce the narrowing of joint space which becomes common as individuals age. The goal of these techniques is address the root  cause of the pain as well as enable healthy living for the senior citizens. 

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