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Befriend Physiotherapy: Uncover the Benefits of Regular Sessions at ABTP

Updated: Mar 6

Therapeutic Exercises have a high impact on body strength, mobility and flexibility. The functionality of the body gets boosted whether muscular or skeletal. In most of the cases at ABTP, patients usually experience beneficial effects of physiotherapy and are able to discover a healthy lifestyle.

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In this blog, it’s time to dive into a fit space and have a peep of benefits that the individuals availing physical therapy at ABTP get.

Transformative Physiotherapy Experience: Exploring the Physiotherapy Benefits at ABTP

For most athletes or adults, the treatment plan at ABTP includes aerobic, resistance, strengthening, and neuromotor exercises to wave off the painful dips, allowing them to lead a life full of enthusiasm.

Let's explore the Physiotherapy Benefits at ABTP by delving into the advantages of undergoing regular physiotherapy sessions here.


The targeted exercises enhance the joint’s range of motion. The manual techniques such as joint mobilization and soft-tissue releases, reduce the stiffness and promote the movability. The painful areas are biomechanically assessed which help to optimise training programs for the individuals ensuring enhanced mobility and boosted quality of life.

2. FLEXIBILITY Whether the individual has suffered from an injury or has undergone a surgery, a  defined set of exercises prescribed by the physiotherapists at ABTP, target a specific group of muscles. Stretching of the tight muscles minimise the stiffness and tone the muscles. This in-turn promotes muscle contractions / relaxation and boosts the flexibility of the affected region.


At ABTP, resistance training is suggested to build the lost strength of the muscle. An ideal strength training program is designed to meet individual goals and requirements. The individual post strength training is able to perform the tasks with much ease, hence boosting the functional capacity. The benefits are not limited as the strong muscles not just provide support to the joints, but also improve joint stability. This further reduces the risk of injuries and allows the individuals to move optimally. 


At times, an ankle sprain may lead to postural imbalance or a fracture in the upper arm may lead to overloading on the other half of the body. Physiotherapy then plays a crucial role especially through gait training, balance training ,neuromuscular training, motor learning and motor control exercises at ABTP which incorporates advanced technological interventions. The coordination between different muscle groups is improved and the muscles are retrained to achieve optimum body control.


Whether you are an athlete or a 9-to-5 employee or a homemaker, much emphasis is laid upon functional training at ABTP. The Physiotherapists incorporate functional training programs that mimic your daily tasks or sport specific movements with the help of visual feedback, verbal cues, and virtual training which help an individual with boosted overall body control.

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Overall, the impact of physiotherapy promotes the quality of life and promotes overall wellness. The therapeutic exercises help the individuals with enhanced range of motion, strength, mobility, flexibility and  functional capacity/ability. By availing regular physiotherapy sessions at ABTP, the individuals are not only able to recover from injuries or regain freedom of motion post a surgery but also set a journey towards living a healthy lifestyle.


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