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Tap the Best Solution For ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a crucial stabiliser in the knee. When it tears due to a sudden jerk or injury, then the torn ligament pain hurts bad. Then, you can forget about the kneepads for pain relief …….  Because such instances usually call for a surgery for optimal healing but it is just not the advanced surgical interventions by JMVM, Delhi that can help alone. The game of recovery is equally dependent upon physiotherapy too. The ACL Recovery Story After covering up the milestone of knee surgery from one of the best surgeons - Vikram Mhaskar - JMVM, Delhi, the next focus area is to restore motion. It’s not just the inflamed knee ligament that needs attention in this case, but the joint needs to be strengthened, stabilized in order to add range of motion to the affected area. 

Chapter 1 - After Getting Most Advanced ACL Surgery Done The leg tendons and ligaments need to adapt to the new modifications brought in by the arthroscopic surgery at JMVM. This part of the story is dealt with in the most effective manner by the ABTP Experts. The physiotherapists firstly focus on  pain management and swelling reduction. Here, technologically sound methods and techniques are utilized to ease discomfort and promote healing.

Chapter 2 - Restoring Ligament Damage In this phase, the ABTP physiotherapists focus on helping the affected knee regain flexion and extension which is essential to restore normal function. The ABTP Physiotherapists design safe and effective exercises depending upon every different case, to improve the motion of 4 knee ligaments. These exercises help prevent stiffness and promote mobility.

Chapter 3 - The Best Approach to Kill Knee Pain Building muscle strength around the knee joint is crucial for preventing future injuries. ABTP physiotherapists design progressive exercises to strengthen and stabilize the leg. These exercises target the muscles surrounding the knee, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

Chapter 4 - After ACL Bandage is Unfastened

The ultimate goal of ACL recovery protocols followed by the ABTP Physiotherapist is to enable individuals to return to daily activities and sport. Physiotherapists integrate sport-specific drills and activities into the rehabilitation program to ensure a smooth transition back to the desired level of performance.

Beyond the surgery lies recovery!!

Get the best physiotherapy post ACL surgery with the collaboration of JMVM Sports Injury Centre and ABTP Physiotherapy. This ensures a holistic journey to recovery without any additional worries.

To Be Prepared for the Gym Leg Machine

Pointers You Should Keep in Mind:

→ Utilisation of Tried & Tested Advanced  Surgical Techniques

→ Intervention of dedicated & highly experienced professionals at every phase

→ Recovery timeline after ACL surgery varies for every individual

→ The knee joint pain relief is achieved in 6-9 months

→ Technologically advanced Pre & Post Surgery Assessments

→ Outcome Tracking & Monitoring in-hand Reports

→ Tailored Recovery Programs

→ High Success Rate

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