At ABTP, the team specialized in Pediatric physiotherapy offers an all-embracing and flexible approach in treating children suffering from a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.
Avoiding the Diagnosis to be the children’s destiny, the pediatric therapist at ABTP has years of experience in handling children for their better functional life years ahead!

Our treatment concept
To provide, where possible, a scientific evidence-based document to inform the optimal, individualized physiotherapeutic management of children.
To provide a written framework for the physiotherapeutic management of children, in order to enable uniformity of care.
To highlight the scientific evidence for physiotherapy practice with neurological children, evaluating the effectiveness of intervention strategies presented in the literature to allow practitioners to make an informed decision regarding patient care.
Also, the robotic-assisted devices for balance control, cognitive functioning, body-weight supported treadmill training, and proprioceptive training and sensory integration therapy are provided with skilled expertise in the team.