ABTP Facilities across the nation is honored to welcome some of the renowned sports personalities and industry officials at the centre

  1. Suyash Jadhav: Asian Games and World Games gold medalist olympian Suyash Jadhav visited the ABTP facility in Pune and explored some of the advanced equipment used for complete biomechanical assessment and its importance in an athlete journey towards excellence.
  2. Saurav Ghosal: India’s # 1 ranked squash player visited our centre at Bengaluru in Yelahanka Taluk in the Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence. Under the guidance of our expert physiotherapist, he took injury management and recovery sessions.
  3. Major D. P. Singh: Team ABTP was honored to welcome the nation’s inspirational paragon Major D P Singh at the Mohali facility. Being India’s very First Blade Runner and the First Disabled Solo Skydiver of Asia, he is a true believer of the thought, “The moment one gives up, one is dead!”
  4. Anjali Bhagwat: It was a mark of honor to have the Olympian Shooter and Former World Champion, Ms. Anjali Bhagwat visit the ABPT Pune facility. During a conducive interaction on the significance of promoting the grassroots athletes, she also discussed the future potential and vision for Olympic 2024 in the ongoing STEAM Scholarship Programme in association with her shooting academy!