Introducing Dr. Monika Sharma, Founder Sleep Moksha. With over 13 years of expertise in sleep academia at renowned Hospitals and Universities in India and abroad, Dr. Monika is ABTP’s Consultant & Researcher on Behavioural Sleep Medicine!

Sleep deprivation in athletes can have many underlying causes ranging from high-stress levels to improper balance between one’s mental and physical health. As a consequence, it’s their performance that gets impacted to a greater extent and worsens the whole sleep pattern.

Sleep Assessment and performance training conducted before curating personalized sleep solution plans help in:

  • Analyzing the current state of sleep with sleep-related testing to identify sleep disorders and suboptimal sleep.
  • Designing and developing sleep strategies that drive performance and recovery by delivering individual-specific tools to increase quality and sleep duration and boost daytime motivation, focus and a positive mood and outlook.
  • Optimizing circadian rhythm to maximize performance.
  • Designing Jet lag plans to minimize the negative effect of cross-time zone travel.
  • Maintaining a sleep workbook to track and maintain optimal sleep-induced athletic performance and recovery.