Physical Therapist Advice For Arthritis Treatment

Physiotherapy is an essential part of treatment for most people with arthritis. We incorporate a team of professional healthcare specialists who run this treatment. We help you to resume as well as maintain an active and independent life both at work and at home.

A physiotherapist can effectively help you to understand what happens to your joints as well as muscles when you have arthritis. Understanding your condition helps you to manage its effects better.

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Arthritis can cause pain either in one particular body part or widespread todifferent joints and muscles. Medications are helpful, but a physiotherapist will guide you towards the best methods of pain relief that work alongside our medications. We also suggest some graded exercises that help you to strengthen your muscles and joints and increase your fitness. Getting better with your general fitness and stamina will help you to elevate your activity level without increasing your pain. Following a regular workout routine will also stimulate the production of your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones (endorphins).

Our expert physical therapist also offers other treatments such as:

-An effective massage that can help the muscle relax. It also makes the joint movement more smooth and comfortable.

-Acupuncture can potentially stimulate the brain to produce endorphins. Our physiotherapists are well-trained to give effective acupuncture.

-Electrotherapy incorporating techniques such as ultrasound and low-level laser therapy can help to stimulate the leaking process and thus reduces pain effectively.

However, maintaining an active lifestyle is very crucial when you have arthritis. Many people have the misconception that exercise will increase their pain or cause any further damage to their joints. But your joints are designed to move, and the surrounding muscles and tissues become weaker if they are not used. This can cause your joint to become unstable by reducing your mobility and independence. The physiotherapist designs a specific workout routine based on your condition that helps you to improve your general fitness, maintain a healthy weight, enhances your general mobility, and make you feel more self-confident.

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A person with arthritis also suffers from joint stiffness and muscle weakness. This can immensely affect their day-to-day life activities. Our experts will assess your muscle strength along with the range of movement in your joints. Then, we give you advice on the best techniques and exercises to keep your joints working. Our centre is equipped with the latest technology in arthritis treatment that helps you to perform the most effective workouts that help you to move your joints and muscles without straining them. Physiotherapy is also beneficial if you have hyper-mobile joints. In such a condition, your range of joint movement is beyond the normal range. Moreover, our treatment includes:

-designing a program of specific exercise

-consultation on increasing your activity level and avoiding exercise-related injuries

-pain relief treatments such as ice or heat packs, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines, massage or taping

-providing potential walking aids or splints to help you stay moving and independent

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We are here to help! Our physiotherapist is well-trained in diagnosing and treating joint and muscle problems that might not require surgery.

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