The most advances systems in Sports Science

Brought to India for the first time

Biofeedback Training

Real-Time data of Physical Parameters to enhance Performance

Quantitative Progress Mapping

Accountable Data Points with Transparent Proof of Concept

Precision in Results

The most minute of metrics, calculated for Accuracy up to the last milligram!

Advanced Machinery

Interconnected to ensure smooth transition between assessment and Training


Walker View

The Walker View is an all-encompassing system that can test and train an athletes and non-athletes alike.

Iso Move

The Iso-move is an advanced isokinetic machine that tests and trains the quadriceps and hamstrings strength

Postural Bench

The Postural Bench is essential to the understanding of the use of the muscle chains of the back.

Balance Trunk MF

The Balance Trunk encourages a focus on the proprioception and movement of the Pelvic region.

Pro Kin

dynamic stability is important to the balance of an athlete during movement, be it Football, Hockey, tennis, etc

Iso Shift

Allowing the athlete to load of muscles across different planes of movement.

D Wall

The D-Wall is the most advance functional screening and training system in the world. 

Iso Free

The Iso-Free is a smaller version of the D-Wall, that can conduct a more intensive analysis of movement in one place.

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Conditions Treated

Osteoarthritis- Knee, shoulder, hip and others | Post surgical rehabilitation for shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, spine & neck | Spinal Disc prolapse and degeneration Low back pain and sciatica | Osteoporosis and osteopenia | Muscles and joint pains | Cervical and Lumbar spondylitis and spondylosis | Frozen shoulder | Tennis elbow | Tendinitis and overuse injuries | Various ligament & meniscal injuries Sports injuries and rehabilitation | Postural correction and training

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