Lower Back Pain Treatment Specialist

Back pain may feel severe to you, but most low back pain is not due to a critical issue. Our physiotherapist can assess, diagnose, and intervene without the use of diagnostic imaging. However, pain in the back can manifest itself in many ways. One might feel localized pain in the lower back above the tail bone and buttocks. However, a radiating pain occurs when there is a pain in the back going down to the leg or foot. Often the pain occurs as numbness or tingling in the leg without actually being felt at the back. Such discomfort is called referred pain. Mostly, back pain results from lifestyle factors such as reduced physical condition, sitting too much, or bending or lifting improperly.

How is physiotherapy an effective back pain treatment?

Every potential treatment focus on decreasing your pain and helping you get back to full life activity. Physical therapy that focuses on exercise, mechanics, and posture improves symptoms quickly. It also reduces the chance of recurrence. However, based on the condition of the patient, the different yet effective treatment options include:

Manual therapy: This therapy is a hands-on mobilization of the joints in your lower back. Our physiotherapists are skilled in manual therapy. They use precise hands-on techniques to relieve stiffness and enhance joint movements and the muscles of your spine.

Movement exercises: We incorporate the latest exercising machines that are most effective for lower back pain treatment. With the therapist’s guidance, the movement exercises help to restore and decrease radiating pain. Do you have chronic pain? Well, do not fear; physiotherapy can help! Chronic low back pain is best treated and managed with progressive strengthening exercises.

Progressive strengthening exercises: This customized workout regime focuses on core stability and endurance.  

Moreover, our physiotherapy for back pain treatment in Mohali is useful for various types of issues, such as:

-Non-specific lower back pain: Nonspecific cause is identified in such cases.

-Sciatic pain: Here, the pain may be caused by a prolapsed disc, and it travels from you back down to your legs. A prolapsed disc is a condition when a disc in your spine bulges out of its original shape and exerts pressure on a nerve.

-Back pain due to the aging of the discs: Such a problem occurs due to the aging of the discs in the spine. It is also known as degenerative dose disease.

-Spinal stenosis: In such a situation, the space around the spinal cord narrows, thus putting pressure on the spinal cord. 

Why should you consult our back pain specialist in Chandigarh?

ABTP incorporates well-experienced physiotherapists who focus on restoring the movement and function of your whole body after you have been affected by an injury or illness. We carefully examine how the nerves, muscles, and bones in your body are affected. Then, we design an effective treatment regime with exercise therapy and manual therapies that can help.

Our back pain specialist will encourage you to take an active part in your rehabilitation, rather than just relying on the passive treatments.

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