Gait Analysis Assessment

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Gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanics abnormalities in the gait cycle – in other words, it’s a way to assess how an individual walk or run.

Using cutting-edge video technology of Technobody device, Walker-View it’s easier to fully visualize and identify minute to minute differences in walking and running pattern via the use of sensor electrodes and 3D camera and determine whether your foot falls inwards (pronates), doesn’t roll inwards enough (overpronates/supinates) or stays neutral. This information, combined with an understanding of your injury history and the kind of distances you regularly run, allows users to correctly identify your walking and running efficiency which can help the athlete as well as the high-performance expert to improve posture and performance of the client.

The process behind

The first stage of the process is to capture a short video – around 30 seconds to 1minute – of you running on the treadmill with attached foot sensors in a neutral shoe with little cushioning. This will help to highlight abnormalities in your gait, which will be determined based on the capacity and complain about which client is entering the facility. 

Based on the data captured walker view will detect the range of motion for hip, knee, and ankle, length, speed, the symmetry of pace, and efficiency of walking or running pattern. 

The software will thus use the cumulative data to formulate a report which consists of asymmetry between the right and left side taking while comparing it with the normative data of the same age group.

Benefits of gait analysis

  1. Injury prevention by correcting the gait mechanics
  2. Diagnose issues causing pain
  3. Increasing performance in athletes 
  4. Helps in implementing treatment to correct abnormalities
  5. Improve posture
  6. Increasing efficiency specific to sports

Gait analysis and sports

Nowadays sports physiotherapists and gait analysis experts are in a great position when it comes to analyzing and understanding running gait. They can relate the on-field and off-field performance of individual athletes with knowledge of their pain, pathology, biomechanics, and motor learning which helps them to reason through how changes might help an athlete. One area where improvement can be done is our understanding of the implications for performance. It’s easy, as a physio, to focus on treating pain but with athletes, we must keep performance a priority too. Working with other members of the multidisciplinary team can help us provide comprehensive, integrated care.

Gait analysis and retraining can play a valuable role in managing running injury as part of a comprehensive treatment program. In runners we are often trying to achieve a balance between how much someone runs and how much their body can cope with, balancing loading habits with load capacity.

An integrated care approach that includes gait retraining, appropriate training structure, and progressive strength and conditioning can help injury management and prevention by modifying loading habits and improving load capacity.

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