The fast-paced world of Corporate Life has led to a decline in Healthy Living, be it through late night working, or through added pressure from deadlines, targets, etc. This can lead to Orthopaedic Conditions, Hypertension and other Long-Term Health Conditions if not looked after.
We understand that time is of essence to a working professional. Given our expertise of working with clients from all walks of life, we have perfected our High Performance Programmes and adapted our Programme to bring to you – The Corporate Athlete Programme!

Who is a Corporate Athlete?

A Corporate Athlete is anyone that brings the Values and Dedication of Sport into Corporate life. An Athlete trains day in, day out, with a focus on both, their body and their craft! By getting into such a mindset, the Corporate Athlete treats his/her work the way an athlete would their sport: With a Purpose, with preparation to work towards a goal, and to accept nothing but Excellence!

A participant can understand his/her body better, and imbibe simple concepts from Sport that can be leveraged into everyday life! By understanding their body better, a participant can look to benefit through the following Line of Content:

Knowledge- Gaining an understanding of one’s own Physical Parameters, and how that Affects their Day-to-Day Life
Intervention- An Education of how Sports Technology can also benefit them through various routines
Empowerment- Creation of Customised Routines and Programmes to help better their own Physical Fitness and lead a Healthier Life
Posture (in all forms of Movement)
• Mobility and Conditioning (to avoid injury and sickness during the hectic rush of Corporate Life)
• Bio-mechanical and Functional Movement (To ensure that all movement is performed efficiently)
• Nutrition and Physiological Health (to ensure enough energy to last the day at work and home)

"Every individual requires, and deserves access to physical well being. In order to be productive in your day to day life, it is important to not only be honest with your work, but understand your body better. With the Corporate Athlete Programme, the advantage of Science and Technology can be leveraged to ensure integrating fitness and excellence in your life!"
-Abhinav Bindra

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By the End of the Programme, we would look to ensure that every participant:
• Gains a better understanding of their body
• Learns to identify opportunities to better their well-being and work towards it
• Has lower chances of hurting themselves through bad posture
• Feels more in control of their movement, and more Focused when at Work
• Begins to incorporate a more Healthy and Fulfilling Routine into their daily Life!

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