ABTP is an initiative dedicated to Physical Excellence for Athletes across the country. Using a combination of World Class Technology and Trained Physiotherapists, Doctors, and Sport Scientists, we provide customised, data-driven solutions for athletes across India. Integrating an approach of Assessment-Training-Assessment for an athlete, we are able to analyse, train, and improve the Physical Parameters of an Athlete in an accountable process that they can trust.

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“It’s been a huge revolution for me, training at the ABTP Centres. Such Advanced facilities are not available for Swimmers in India. I would definitely recommend it.”

Virdhawal Khade Swimmer
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“It was unbelievable! When I came in it wasn’t looking like I was going to play but I eventually did and ended up winning the event. I think it’s a fantastic place, one of its kind in India. It’s long overdue for the amount of expertise it has.”

Saurav Ghoshal Squash Player
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“I had a hamstring injury before the treatment. My Manager sir gave me an appointment to attend a treatment session at ABTP. Dr. Kirti is very helpful and is advising me the best ways to cure my injury. He is giving me a great treatment while helping me to prevent from further injuries also. I am very thankful for that”

Tailyang Cory Footballer

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