Operating in line with Global Best Practice, ABTP Healthcare offers advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation to medical patients with Orthopaedic, Neurological, or Cardiopulmonary  Conditions. Our Physiotherapists and Pain Management Specialists are equipped with Devices that can assess and treat patients with Data-Driven Solutions, and even customise protocols to suit an individual’s needs. In addition, we also offer Proactive Rehabilitation, or “Pre-habilitation”, which functions as Injury Prevention Protocols. Over 3000 Patients have benefited from our physiotherapists and the technology.

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“I was advised to undergo an assessment at ABTP 6 months after undergoing ACL repair. I was very satisfied with the experience and with the specificity of results that I was presented!”

Suchita Srinivasan New Delhi
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“Very professional Treatment and yet, an enjoyable experience! Had fun playing around with the high-tech machines here. It was a very good learning and there is no way better to recover than coming here!”

Hoonar Singh Chawla Mohali
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“Today, I have completed 80 Sessions, and found magical change in my posture and built up my self confidence!”

Omesh Chauhan New Delhi

Treatments Available for Conditions like

Frozen Shoulder

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