Physical Therapist Advice For Arthritis Treatment

Physiotherapy is an essential part of treatment for most people with arthritis. We incorporate a team of professional healthcare specialists who run this treatment. We help you to resume as well as maintain an active and independent life both at work and at home.

A physiotherapist can effectively help you to understand what happens to your joints as well as muscles when you have arthritis. Understanding your condition helps you to manage its effects better.

Our arthritis spcialist in Mohali helps you to manage your pain!

Arthritis can cause pain either in one particular body part or widespread todifferent joints and muscles. Medications are helpful, but a physiotherapist will guide you towards the best methods of pain relief that work alongside our medications. We also suggest some graded exercises that help you to strengthen your muscles and joints and increase your fitness. Getting better with your general fitness and stamina will help you to elevate your activity level without increasing your pain. Following a regular workout routine will also stimulate the production of your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones (endorphins).

Our expert physical therapist also offers other treatments such as:

-An effective massage that can help the muscle relax. It also makes the joint movement more smooth and comfortable.

-Acupuncture can potentially stimulate the brain to produce endorphins. Our physiotherapists are well-trained to give effective acupuncture.

-Electrotherapy incorporating techniques such as ultrasound and low-level laser therapy can help to stimulate the leaking process and thus reduces pain effectively.

However, maintaining an active lifestyle is very crucial when you have arthritis. Many people have the misconception that exercise will increase their pain or cause any further damage to their joints. But your joints are designed to move, and the surrounding muscles and tissues become weaker if they are not used. This can cause your joint to become unstable by reducing your mobility and independence. The physiotherapist designs a specific workout routine based on your condition that helps you to improve your general fitness, maintain a healthy weight, enhances your general mobility, and make you feel more self-confident.

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A person with arthritis also suffers from joint stiffness and muscle weakness. This can immensely affect their day-to-day life activities. Our experts will assess your muscle strength along with the range of movement in your joints. Then, we give you advice on the best techniques and exercises to keep your joints working. Our centre is equipped with the latest technology in arthritis treatment that helps you to perform the most effective workouts that help you to move your joints and muscles without straining them. Physiotherapy is also beneficial if you have hyper-mobile joints. In such a condition, your range of joint movement is beyond the normal range. Moreover, our treatment includes:

-designing a program of specific exercise

-consultation on increasing your activity level and avoiding exercise-related injuries

-pain relief treatments such as ice or heat packs, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines, massage or taping

-providing potential walking aids or splints to help you stay moving and independent

Are you looking for an ace physical therapist in Chandigarh?

We are here to help! Our physiotherapist is well-trained in diagnosing and treating joint and muscle problems that might not require surgery.

Knee Pain Treatment by Pain Management Specialist?

Chronic knee pain is a common problem among people of different age groups. It can happen due to various reasons and can cause difficulty in walking as well as hinders everyday life activities. Moreover, people generally overlook the importance of effective treatment and instead look for a temporary relief option. Well, doing so can cost your overall health in the long run.

Knee pain treatment in Chandigarh

Osteoarthritis is a common knee, as well as joint problems, which is also called degenerative joint disease. It is a common form of arthritis. This medical condition occurs when cartilage in your joints wears down over time. The knee joint is involved; therefore, a range of factors can lead to its damage and pain. When the components of the knee work abnormally, pain, inflammation, and other such symptoms can occur. Such problems can result from either trauma or a medical condition.

The following are the different causes of knee pain and its treatment process:

The knee joint: To understand the different causes of a knee problem, it may help to know the formation of the knee joint. The knee is the joint and a connection between the thighbone, shinbone, and the kneecap. It also incorporates cartilage, ligament, menisci, and tendons.

Causes: Trauma

Receiving a direct blow to the knee, falling from a height, making a sudden change in direction, or making repetitive movements during physical training or during sports are the causes of traumatic knee injuries. Such trauma can lead to:

-Dislocation of the kneecap

-A fracture of the femur, tibia, or kneecap

-Torn ligament

-Meniscus tear

Accidents fall, and improper physical activities are common causes of a traumatic knee injury. Such injury can put the knee under extreme strain. If the condition is not treated on time and if it fails to heal, then chronic pain can result.

Causes: Medical

Medical conditions that lead to knee pain incorporate the following:

-Degenerative tissue disorders, such as osteoarthritis



-Auto-inflammatory disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis

-Tendinitis, an inflammation of a tendon, leading to pain while climbing stairs

-Gout, a type of arthritis

-A tumour, either benign or malignant in the knee

What does our knee pain management incorporate?

For the successful treatment of any knee disorder, one needs to understand the root cause of the problem. However, our specialist carries out a proper diagnosis of the problem and chalks out the intensity and the severity of the condition first. We conduct an effective diagnosis through:

X-Ray: This is the most effective and commonly used imaging technique to peek inside the internal structures. It helps to know about the extent of the possible injury to bones or dense tissues.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): This technique is based on the potential principle of creating a magnetic field that gives detailed, high-resolution images of your bones, joints, as well as surrounding soft tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Our pain management specialist carries out careful MRI testing that helps to highlight structural damage, deterioration, or abnormalities.

Fluoroscopy: The fluoroscopy amalgamates X-rays and computer technology for the real-time viewing of the images.

CT-Scan: Computed Tomography Scanning utilises X-rays to take pictures of the cross-sections of your body.

At ABTP, we provide customized knee disorder treatment that depends on several factors. Such factors are the age of the patient, intensity, persistence of the health condition, etc. if you are suffering from any such injury, then feel free to have a word with our pain management specialist in Mohali.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Specialist

Back pain may feel severe to you, but most low back pain is not due to a critical issue. Our physiotherapist can assess, diagnose, and intervene without the use of diagnostic imaging. However, pain in the back can manifest itself in many ways. One might feel localized pain in the lower back above the tail bone and buttocks. However, a radiating pain occurs when there is a pain in the back going down to the leg or foot. Often the pain occurs as numbness or tingling in the leg without actually being felt at the back. Such discomfort is called referred pain. Mostly, back pain results from lifestyle factors such as reduced physical condition, sitting too much, or bending or lifting improperly.

How is physiotherapy an effective back pain treatment?

Every potential treatment focus on decreasing your pain and helping you get back to full life activity. Physical therapy that focuses on exercise, mechanics, and posture improves symptoms quickly. It also reduces the chance of recurrence. However, based on the condition of the patient, the different yet effective treatment options include:

Manual therapy: This therapy is a hands-on mobilization of the joints in your lower back. Our physiotherapists are skilled in manual therapy. They use precise hands-on techniques to relieve stiffness and enhance joint movements and the muscles of your spine.

Movement exercises: We incorporate the latest exercising machines that are most effective for lower back pain treatment. With the therapist’s guidance, the movement exercises help to restore and decrease radiating pain. Do you have chronic pain? Well, do not fear; physiotherapy can help! Chronic low back pain is best treated and managed with progressive strengthening exercises.

Progressive strengthening exercises: This customized workout regime focuses on core stability and endurance.  

Moreover, our physiotherapy for back pain treatment in Mohali is useful for various types of issues, such as:

-Non-specific lower back pain: Nonspecific cause is identified in such cases.

-Sciatic pain: Here, the pain may be caused by a prolapsed disc, and it travels from you back down to your legs. A prolapsed disc is a condition when a disc in your spine bulges out of its original shape and exerts pressure on a nerve.

-Back pain due to the aging of the discs: Such a problem occurs due to the aging of the discs in the spine. It is also known as degenerative dose disease.

-Spinal stenosis: In such a situation, the space around the spinal cord narrows, thus putting pressure on the spinal cord. 

Why should you consult our back pain specialist in Chandigarh?

ABTP incorporates well-experienced physiotherapists who focus on restoring the movement and function of your whole body after you have been affected by an injury or illness. We carefully examine how the nerves, muscles, and bones in your body are affected. Then, we design an effective treatment regime with exercise therapy and manual therapies that can help.

Our back pain specialist will encourage you to take an active part in your rehabilitation, rather than just relying on the passive treatments.

Physiotherapy Treatment Center for Good Health

ABTP incorporates the best physiotherapist in Mohali!

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance offers optimum physiotherapy services that focus on alleviating pain in different medical conditions. We treat people suffering from chronic disorders to acute illness. We diligently help them with post-surgery recuperation. 

Are you wondering why you should give physiotherapy a try?

Physiotherapy work wonders for people of all age groups. Such people suffer from different medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries that restrict their ability to move or function.

If you still question the effectiveness of physiotherapy, then here’s how it benefit you:

Reduce or eliminate pain: Potential therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques can help relieve severe pain and restore muscle and joint function. Such methods are joint and soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation. These effective therapies also help to prevent the pain from returning.

Avoid surgery: Our expert physiotherapist in Mohali will help you eliminate pain or completely heal from an injury where surgery may not be required. However, in a case where surgery is needed, you may benefit from our pre-surgery physical therapy. When you undergo an operation in better physical shape, you recover faster from it.

Improve mobility: Do you have trouble standing, walking, or moving? Well, physical therapy can help you despite your age. Stretching and strengthening exercises help you to regain the ability to move. Our services incorporate customized individual care plans that are essential to ensure maximal performance and safety.

Recover from a stroke: it is quite common to lose some degree of functional movement after stroke. Effective physical therapy helps to strengthen the vulnerable parts of the body and enhances gait and balance. The therapist is also capable of improving the stroke patient’s ability to transfer and move around in bed. The process makes the individual independent around their home. They also become more independent of taking care of their toileting, dressing, and other such activities of daily living.

Recover from or prevent a sports injury: Our group of top physiotherapists in Mohali understand how different sports can elevate your risk for specific types of injuries. They design an effective and appropriate recovery or prevention exercise chart for you to ensure a safe return to your sport.

Improve your balance and prevent falls: When you take a physical therapy session, you will get screened for fall risk. If the chances for falls are significantly high, therapists will recommend exercises that safely and carefully challenge your balance as a way to mimic real-life situations. The experts will guide you towards the potential workouts to improve coordination. The assistive devices also help you with safer walking. If there is an imbalance caused by an issue in one’s vestibular system, the therapist can perform specific maneuvers that can quickly restore proper vestibular functioning. The treatment also reduces and eliminates the symptoms of dizziness or vertigo.

Manage diabetes and vascular conditions: As a primary part of an overall management plan, exercise can help control blood sugar. Furthermore, a person with diabetes may have a problem with sensation in his/her feet and legs. A physiotherapist can help offer and educate these patients on proper foot care, which is beneficial in the long run.

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance is an initiative to bring world-class medical care into peoples’ lives. We strive to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more accountable, as well as affordable. Our physiotherapist centre in Mohali delivers quality healthcare with compassion. Our customized physical therapy program helps people to return to their prior level of functioning. We effectively encourage activities and lifestyle changes that help to prevent further injury and enhance overall health and well being.

Get Well Soon Through Our Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapy centre is an amalgamation of knowledge, skills, the latest technology, and the right technique. Our primary focus is to help in accelerating the body’s natural healing process!

Physiotherapy can elevate the quality of life by focusing on the essential aspects of health and well-being. It is a crucial treatment that effectively helps in improving movement, reducing pain and stiffness, speeding up the healing process after injury, and preventing further injury. Our physical therapist works as a part of a multidisciplinary team incorporating specialists and other allied health professionals to ensure that our patients receive holistic care.

Physiotherapy can help you in a broad spectrum of life!

The Physical therapist is qualified experts who have the expertise to diagnose certain conditions. They offer education and advice on different problems and towards its effective management. Our teams of professional physiotherapists in India develop customized treatment plans that focus on encouraging physical activity along with a range of advanced techniques such as adapted exercises, massage, and manipulation.

Physiotherapy treatment is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, such as back pain, delays in childhood development, sports injuries, incontinence, and neurological issues such as Parkinson’s disease.

What makes us the best physiotherapist in India?

We not only develop a treatment plan to prevent loss of mobility altogether, but we also design wellness programs for patients to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Physical therapy is a dynamic profession, and our therapists maintain certain conduct and possess exceptional qualities that promote the pink of health. We provide an elaborate treatment plan that helps you get back to your regular daily routine at the earliest. Moreover, our top-notch infrastructure and the ace services make our physiotherapy in India stand out of the rest.