An initiative by Mr. Abhinav Bindra, India’s first Individual Olympic Gold Medallist, the objective of ABTP is to provide Data-Driven Solutions to Sport and Healthcare using the best possible technology available.

Our Devices work on Digital Mirroring Technology and Load Sensors, that allow the Technology to pick up accurate data during assessments and Training every single time, and be able to quantify movement into Data that a Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist can use to make informed and accurate decisions on the Athlete Training Methods. This same Technology can also help in the training of the Athlete, where using Real Time Visual Feedback, the body is subconsciously trained to perfect its movement, and over regular practice, can train an Athlete faster, and more precisely than any form of physical training available in India. Along with all of this, not only is this Technology capable of Injury Rehabilitation at a faster rate than an average physiotherapy routine, it can also train an athlete with Injury Prevention Protocols, by which an athlete is encouraged to maintain his/her efficiency of training and performance, as well as know their body well enough to avoid injuries as far as possible.

This is also extremely beneficial for Medical Patients, that can use this Technology to identify the root cause of their Physical Conditions, allowing them to eliminate the symptoms permanently by working on their Posture and Bio-Mechanics. 

Dr. Apjit Singh Bindra

A Prominent Indian Entrepreneur with over 40 years of Experience, Dr. A.S. Bindra has represented over 20 International Organisations in India, spear-heading their expansion in the country. The Chairman and Managing Director of Abhinav Futuristics Private Limited, he has been key in establishing State of the Art Technology in the Healthcare and Sporting Sector, which has impacted the lives of over 3000 Athletes and Medical Patients.
With a Doctorate in Animal Sciences from Dalum Leudbrugakole, Denmark, he has also been instrumental in the Set-up of National Policy for the country regarding Livestock Management, and Business Plans for International Trade across various Industries.

Abhinav Bindra
India’s first Olympic Gold Medalist; Founder of ABTP
“I have personally benefited from the use of Technology through High-Performance Training, and World Class Injury Rehabilitation during my 22-year career. ABTP was initiated to drive the change that I believe India stands to benefit the most from. I remain committed to seeing the Indian Sport and Healthcare landscape benefit from Global Best Practice, and this technology is my way of contributing to it!”
Dr Digpal Ranawat
Dr. Ranawat being One of the most Qualified Sports Science Experts in India, heads 6 ABTP Facilities for Physical excellence across the country. Dr. Ranawat has been the Medical Head of the Indian Shooting Team (Rio 2016), and worked with Athletes across the world. He has released signifcant Research papers that have been published in World Renowed Journals, and is a regular Speaker and Panelist at the highest platforms of Sport in the Country. He is also the member of the ISSF Medical Comittee.